First in the Masters Series, this package consists of four audio CDs designed to help you build your Network Marketing company (and your life) to stratospheric levels.


  • 1-4 $69.00 ea.
  • 5-9 $59.00 ea.
  • 10+ 49.00 ea.
SKU: NM101.

Product Description

Most people build their businesses from the roof down. This series helps you build it from the foundation up. Create habits and fundamentals for success, and the rest will follow. Money will hunt you down.

Goal Setting and Time Management

Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. Plan your work and work your plan, by learning more about goal setting and time management.

Prospecting and Recruiting

Learn techniques and ideas on how to recruit people you do not know, everyday and everywhere you go.

The Secrets of Success

This CD teaches you about how anybody can succeed, if you have the right tools. This audio gives you the right tools.

It’s Not the How, It’s the Why

One of the most popular CDs in the history of Network Marketing. Learn the fundamentals of being the best you can be and how to get to the top.

This CD series will help you and your organization soar.


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