About Bill and Mary Ann Hyman

Mary Ann and Bill Hyman are 
professionals that believe you should be trained, coached and mentored by people who have actually built Network Marketing organizations.

Together they have 47 years of combined Network Marketing experience and have built organizations with hundreds of thousands of distributors, all over the world.

Our goal for this site is to become a center for training, learning, mentoring, communication, resource materials and lead generation to help you build your Network Marketingbusiness as quickly and successfully as possible.

Trainers and Mentors

Bill Hyman is one of those rare individuals that has mastered an industry. Having been in the Network Marketing Industry since 1979, Bill has been in the top 1% of every company he has joined and has owned his own Network Marketing company.

Unlike so many industry trainers who have not actually achieved huge success in MLM, yet claim to be qualified to train on how to do it, Bill has built organizations in excess of 200,000 people, spanning dozens of countries and has made millions of dollars in this amazing industry. He has been fulltime in the industry since 1979.

Mary Ann Hyman has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. Starting at the age of 17, she entered her first direct sales company and today has a laundry list of accomplishments, including:


  • Head of a large Network Marketing companies Product Advisory Board.
  • Published author
  • Sought after speaker.
  • Currently has a large Network Marketing organization that has created an upper six figure a year income.


Mary Ann is spearheading the drive to help women succeed in MLM.

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